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  • Certification Voucher

    Stand out among your peers with an Autodesk approved product certification.

    The Certiport voucher allows you to become certified in a specific Autodesk product. With an Autodesk Certification, you can:

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  • Free Civil 3D Book

    Training Manual for AutoCAD Civil 3D
    This manual of Civil 3D fundamentals covers the features needed to successfully design most civil engineering projects, from field data collection to final design…

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  • Plex.Earth

    AutoCAD Google Earth Integration

    Impress and engage clients and stakeholders, winning their hearts, their appreciation, and the contract by taking advantage of Google Earth’s compelling and interactive experience. Now you…

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  • Sincpac-C3D™

    Sincpac-C3D™ is the premier generic toolset extension for Autodesk Civil® and Civil 3D® software. Now in its tenth year of development, the Sincpac-C3D is a great compliment to the…

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