The Challenge of Creating a blog in Thinkific

First of all, why do we need a blog in Thinkific? With the continuous growth of eLearning in the new world economy, content creators are turning more and more to the internet to deliver their content. Thinkific, one of the main course deliveries, is helping these creators to deliver their content. Their online platform is one of the best at providing out of the box tools for online teaching. 

However, one of the essential tools missing from the platform is creating a blog without resorting to external tools such as wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, or other content management platforms.

The Solution to the missing blog feature in Thinkific

We can solve this challenge by resorting to the existing tools in Thinkific, such as custom pages and a little bit of HTML.

Your final blog will look similar to our own blog created 100% in Thinkific:

Let's see how.

Thinkific Blog Course Curriculum

    1. Creating the Blog Post Page

    2. Adding Sections to the Post Page

    1. Creating the Blog Home Page

    2. Adding the Blog Banner

    3. Adding the Blog Content

    4. Duplicating Blog Posts

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