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Support and Consulting

  • How do I submit my support and consulting requests?

    Please refer to the instructions in the welcome email you received when you signed up.

  • What's included in my support plan?

    Your support plan includes responding to technical questions, providing design guidance and technical solutions and remotely working on your project files.

  • What's NOT included in my support plan?

    The following tasks are not included in your support plans: signing or stamping designs, installing or modifying software installation, representing you with a third party such as a review agency, field visits and inspections, etc. Refer to the online terms and conditions for more details.

  • Can you work with my version of software ?

    As an Autodesk Partner, we have access to most versions of software, dating back to 5 years.

  • What is your turnaround ?

    it depends on the scope of work. However, we typically deliver twice as faster as a typical in-house designer.

  • What collaboration platform do you accept ?

    We typically work with Dropbox and Google Drive. However, we can accommodate other platforms as well.

  • What is your preferred file format ?

    What is your preferred file format? The best format to work with is asource drawing file like dwg. However, we can also work with other formats such as pdf and images files.

  • Do you provide client confidentiality?

    As a professional engineering firm, Infratech Understands the value of the information you are entrusting us with. Your data is 100% secure with us and our contract terms include a nondisclosure agreement.