Overview of the Adobe Lightroom Classic Course

In this Online Adobe Lightroom Classic training course, participants will learn and apply the tools offered by Adobe Lightroom Classic, the professional Adobe software to edit and manage photo.  Adobe Lightroom Classic provides users with the necessary tools to carry out a photo project, from the shoot to the final delivery.

The course includes a series of step-by-step tutorials, with clear and concise explanations. Participants will be able to understand the reason behind every design step.

In general, a user can complete the Photoshop Lightroom Classic course within an average of 30 to 40 hours.


 At the end of each chapter, Infratech offers optional quizzes in order to evaluate the users learning progress. The certificate will include the name of the participant, the course and date of completion. Participants will need to get a minimum percentage of 70 for each chapter. Certificates can be downloaded directly from the user account for each completed course.


This course, entitled “AutoCAD Adobe Lightroom Classic Essentials” is for all levels of users. The course is purposefully designed to be a hands-on duplication of the real-life experience of the authors. So, this will allow first-time users to save significant time in the inherent trial and error process of learning new software. On the other hand, more advanced users can reinforce their capabilities. At the same time, they can compare their design practices and processes to the methods used by the designers of this course.

Infratech uses a “To The Point” approach to tackle the subject at hand. In particular, Infratech uses a solid instructional experience and a cutting-edge presentation technique.  With this approach, we can highlight the most important points of the course.


The course material includes the Adobe Lightroom Classic Essentials course printable eBook and a complete set of practice files. In addition, the course is continually updated to include the latest software versions, new workflows, news, and more.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Adobe Lightroom CC & Importing Photos

    • What Is Lightroom?

    • Lightroom Versions

    • Lightroom User Interface (UI)

    • Lightroom - A 3 Step Process To Manage Photos

    • Creating A New Catalog And Importing Photos

    • Importing Additional Photos Into A Lightroom Catalog

    • Section Wrap Up

  • 3

    "Library Module" Views

    • Section Overview

    • "Grid" And "Loupe" Views

    • "Full Screen" "Lights Out" And "Minimal Panel" Views

    • "Survey" View

    • "Compare" View

    • Section Wrap Up

  • 4

    "Best" Practises And Other Information

    • Understanding Minimal Previews vs. 1:1 Previews

    • Understanding The Lightroom Catalog (.lrcat) File

    • [BONUS] Understanding Lightroom Preview (.lrprev) Files

    • Creating Folders And Moving Photos Inside Lightroom

    • Deleting Photos From The Lightroom Catalog

    • Keyboard Shortcuts

    • "Grid View" And "Loupe View" Options

    • Understanding Thumbnail Badges

  • 5

    Image Attributes - Flags, Ratings, Labels

    • Flags Ratings Labels Section Overview

    • Using Flags, Ratings, Colour Labels

    • Managing Images And Filtering Via Attributes

    • Flags, Ratings, Labels Section Wrap Up

  • 6


    • Collections - Overview

    • Collections

    • "Set Target Collection"

    • Collection Set

    • Smart Collections

    • Collections Wrap Up

  • 7

    Keywords And Metadata

    • Keywords Overview

    • Keywords

    • Keyword Sets

    • Keyword List

    • Library Filter - Metadata - Keywords, Camera, Lens, Labels

    • "People" View

    • "People" View - Adding Names

    • GPS Metadata & "Map" Module View

    • Explaining Metadata

    • Library Filter - Metadata And Text Attributes

    • Brief Overview Of IPTC, XMP, EXIF Metadata

    • Keywords And Metadata Wrap Up

  • 8

    Sample "Workflow" Using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    • Step 1 - Ingest

    • Step 2 - Digest

    • Step 3 - Export

  • 9

    Exporting Photos

    • Exporting Photos

    • Emailing Photos Using Lightroom

    • Export Presets

  • 10

    "Develop" Module Intro And "Basic" Tone & Image Adjustments

    • Introducing The "Develop" Module

    • Adjusting White Balance - Temperature & Tint

    • Exposure & Contrast

    • Blacks, Whites, Highlights, Shadows

    • Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation

    • "Basic" Adjustments - Summary

  • 11

    Other Image Adjustments & Tips

    • Library Module Adjustments Using "Quick Develop" & "Auto Tone"

    • "Before" And "After" - Checking Your Adjustments

    • Using The "Dehaze" Effect

    • Creating And Improving Black & White (B&W) Images

    • Edit JPGs In Photoshop

    • Edit Image As A Smart Object In Photoshop

    • Sharpening Images

    • Noise Reduction

    • Making Adjustments To Multiple Photos - Previous, Copy, Paste, Sync

    • Adding Post-Crop Vignetting & Grain Effects

  • 12

    "Tool Strip" - Crop, Straighten, Graduated & Radial Filters, Adjustment Brush

    • Crop & Straighten Adjustments

    • Spot Removal & Heal vs. Clone Brush

    • Spot Removal Tool For Custom Lines

    • Spot Removal Tool For Straight Lines

    • Red Eye Correction Tool (For "Pet Eye" Too!)

    • Using The "Graduated Filter"

    • Using The "Radial Filter"

    • Graduated Filter + Radial Filter + Adjustment Brush = Great Image!

    • "Tool Strip" Section Wrap Up

  • 13

    HSL Colour Adjustments

    • Understanding HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)

    • HSL Examples

    • Split Toning

  • 14

    Exporting Images With The "Slideshow" Module

    • "Slideshow" Module Overview

    • How To Create A Video Slideshow Quickly

    • EXAMPLE: Slideshow SYNC To Music

    • EXAMPLE: Slideshow FIT To Music

    • EXAMPLE: Slideshow FIT To Music

  • 15

    CASE STUDY - Model Photography Workflow

    • Downloadable Resources

    • Resources for this course

    • How To Use Downloadable Resources + Homework

    • My Photography + Lightroom Story

    • Aimee - Model Photography Workflow 1

    • Aimee - Model Photography Workflow 2

    • Homework #2 - Set Attributes (Flags, Ratings, Color Labels)

    • Aimee - Model Photography Workflow 3

    • Aimee - Model Photography Workflow 4

    • Homework #3 - Photosession Duration & Quantity Of Photos Taken

    • Project - #1

    • Project - #2

    • Buy Lightroom Presets From These Two Marketplaces

    • Photo Credits

    • Flickr CC - BY Photos Models - Attributions

  • 16

    Conclusion & Final Action Steps!

    • Congratulations! And Final Action Steps

  • 17

    BONUS Lectures

    • Adobe DNG Converter Installation And Walkthrough

    • Updating Lightroom Classic CC

Course Features

  • Lectures: 104

  • Quizzes: None

  • Duration: 10 Clock-Hours

  • Skill level: All levels

  • Certificate: Yes

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