CAD Courses reach 1,000+subscribers

CAD courses subscribers Appreciation

Our CAD Courses have reached 1,000+ subscribers in 90+ countries. When reflecting on the last couple of months, we just wanted to thank the 1,000+ subscribers who trusted Infratech. Indeed, two months after launching, we have already shattered our end of year goal, and the best is yet to come.

Two things make this even more exciting — first, the timing of the CAD courses launch, which coincided with the summer vacations and a busy construction season — second, we have only released 2 courses out of a projected 20 or so.

Where can I subscribe to Infratech Courses

Our CAD courses can be found on Multiple platforms:

1. Infratech Civil, with over 800 professionals and student subscribers

2. Udemy, where we are awarded a best-seller status.

3. Various Colleges and Schools (stay tuned for some big announcements)

4. Multiple other eLearning platforms

We also want to thank the 10,000+ who have downloaded and are actively using the Civil 3D book.

To all, thank you for playing such a massive role in this growth. Our AutoCAD courses would not have such a quick rise without your trust and support.

Finally, if there is anything we can do to ensure a better experience, please do not hesitate to reach out.