Introduction to the Civil 3D Status Bar.

Let's learn about Civil 3D Status Bar in this online tutorial, a part of the full Civil 3D essentials online training.

About the Civil 3D Status Bar.

Just below the Command Line, we have the Status Bar. It has a set of drafting and display tools that provide ease of use and precision drafting. 

These settings and tools are discussed in more details in the Basic AutoCAD course. Nonetheless, let's discuss one of them, the Workspace Switching. As previously mentioned, Civil 3D is built on top of Map 3D, the Autodesk’s GIS (Geographic Information System), which in turn is built on AutoCAD. So, as it turns out, if you have Civil 3D, you can just switch between multiple working environments, like basic AutoCAD 2D drafting, 3D modeling, Map 3D GIS analysis or Civil 3D design mode.  

On the Status Bar, simply click on the Workspace Switching icon and pick the appropriate work environment. You can also make changes to your workspace by clicking on Customize, then on Save Current As, to rename the workspace.

Another option you should be aware of on the Status Bar, as mentioned in the Quick Access Toolbar section, is saving the changes that you are making to the interface. To have Civil 3D memorize these changes, click on Workspace Settings

From there, select the option to Automatically save workspace changesThis action should not be performed if you are not currently working on your usual and personal workstation.

Finally, note that all Status Bar display options are available from the button in the right bottom corner.