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Infraworks 2020.1 is here

Infraworks 2020.1 is here with new GIS improvements

Autodesk had released the new version of Infraworks. The newly released infraworks 2020.1 includes the integration of BIM and GIS data for a more efficient design. This new feature offers a more efficient workflow for data exchange between the two platforms.

More details on the process are shown in the below release video by Autodesk.

Infraworks 2020.1 redesigns the User Interface

Existing users of the Autodesk AEC collection will appreciate the new interface redesign as it will feel more similar to other software in the collection. In addition to the similar look, the integration is also better streamlined. Below are more details on the interface improvements. 

Design Improvement: Civil Structures

On the design side, new improvements have been also made, including the export process and bridge modeling for Revit users.

Design Improvement: Roadway Profiles

Now, profiles elements can be edited in the profile or canvas view.