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Tutorial: Civil 3D Points by Measure Object method

Introduction to Civil 3D Points by Measure Object method

How do we create Civil 3D Points by Measure Object method? Let's find out in this online training course and tutorial, a part of the Civil 3D essentials book and how-to manuals.

4.9         Creating Points on a polyline by intervals.

Instead of creating a set number of points, we can create points at set intervals, for example, a point every 30m or 100ft.

  1. Run the Measure-Object command to create points.

  2. Click on the centerline of Rose Drive, the magenta polyline.
  3. For starting station, hit Enter to accept 0.000 (the starting point of the polyline)
  4. For end station, press Enter to accept 460.42m or 1,510.56ft (the end of the polyline).
  5. Enter at the command line to accept an offset of 0 from the line.
  6. For interval type 30m or 100ft at the command line. This indicates that we want to create points every 30m or 100ft.
  7. For the Description Enter DG-CL at the command line
  8. Press enter to ignore the request for elevation.
  9. Keep pressing Enter until the command line is blank.

  1. We have now created points at given intervals along the centerline. Case in point, this would be useful to designers when they receive a request from a surveyor for points at the major station of a baseline.
  2. Save your work.

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