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Adobe Lightroom Classic Collection Set

About Lightroom

Product:  Adobe Lightroom Classic  |   Subject: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

In this exercise, we will learn about Adobe Lightroom Classic Collection Set

In this section, I want to talk to you about collection sets. What's a collection set? Well, a collection set is a kind of like the master folder with several subfolders. Underneath it, a collection set holds a series of collections. Let's go ahead and create a collection set. We can easily do that by clicking on the plus(+) key here and creating a collection set. 


This collection set is going to be called travels. 

You can see right away that the icon for travels as a collection is this filing box is this shoebox. 

Now, if you open it up, you'll notice, of course, there are no collections within it. But we can very easily drag and drop. So, for example, we took the fauna collection into our travels. We put it there as part of this collection set. Now, let's say we want to create another collection. We want to create it within the travels. What we're going to do is we're just going to create a new collection. We're going to create a collection. And inside the collection set travels, we can create it in some other set too. But we're just going to create it for travels. This time, we're going to call it Flora. And let's go ahead and create.

 We don't want to include the selected photos for so we'll unclick that. And we'll create a blank collection called flora. Let's set this as our target collection so that we can quickly work with the keyboard shortcuts. Then, we will work with the folders here and add them to it. So we're going to add some fun here. We're going to click B to add it to the target collection. Instead of using the B key, another way to do it is to click on this little upper left corner of the image itself, adding a photo to the target collection. You'll also notice that if you hover over the photo, it's like a gray dot that indicates that it is part of the target collection. Let's go ahead and find more. And we'll just add it to the target collection.

Alright, so that's it for our flora and fauna collections within our travels collection set. 

Now, we can go ahead and sort all of these images the way that we want to. Let's say, for example, we like tropical fruits, and we're going to put them up in the front. And we prefer tropical fruits over mangrove trees or even fig trees or whatever other trees we want. So maybe we can order it that way. Maybe we like flowers more than we like bananas. And so we're going to put it in front of that. Now, this becomes our custom order. Now we can, of course, change it by changing the sort options.  We can sort by a variety of times. We can sort by the capture time, by the added order, by the Edit time, and so on. 

But when we rearrange the sort order into our custom view, that's going to change to the customer, and it's going to remember, but let's see if we can find maybe a little bit other photos that we can adjust as well. So that's it for working with collection sets and working with sorting within the collections. I hope this video has been helpful, and if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.