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Adobe Lightroom Classic Grid and Loop View

Grid and Loop View

Product:  Adobe Lightroom Classic  |   Subject: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

In this exercise, we will learn about Adobe Lightroom Classic  Grid and Loupe View.

In this section, I will talk about your main view when you enter Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. That's going to be in the grid view in the library module. 


So currently, we're going to be working within the library module to show you how to view your photos and navigate them. So right off the back, you're going to see this library view. It's going to be placing all of the images you have in this current catalog.  We have 100 different images in this catalog, but a grid format is known as the grid view. This is the default view. You can see the grid view down here.

The hotkey for the grid view is the G key. Another view that we can take a look at when we're looking at photos is something we call the loupe view. Now, this loupe view, what it will do is make one photo the prime focus of the entire screen. In this case, it is this photo. 

Of all of the 100 photos in the library, we selected one. This is what you see in the loupe. Now to switch between the loop and the grid view. Because these are the two main views that you're going to be used to, the GridView has a hotkey of G. So if you push G, it'll take you to the grid view. If you want to go into the loupe view, hover over that or click on E, and E will take you into the loupe view. What the loupe view does is, of course, you can view one photo in as big of its glory as it is. You can view individual photos. 

Another way to move between the photos is to use the left and right keys. So getting left will take you one image earlier in the filmstrip view. Then hitting left again, we'll go to one previous image, then the right key to the next image. But let's go back to the grid view. So, in short, the grid view and the loupe view are the two main views you're going to be using when using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The grid view shows all of the images in your current catalog or whatever you've selected in a series of grids actually, and you can adjust the size of the thumbnails by using the slider back and forth. You can fit a lot more photos in the grid view than you would if you zoomed it up into the thumbnail view. So I'm just going to leave the thumbnail view around this level so that I can easily go through more photos and also where you're able to get a better view of what is available to you within this catalog. 

If you have any questions about the grid view and the loop view, please don't hesitate to reach out. I will be here as a source of support for your continued learning.