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Adobe Lightroom Classic

Section View

Product:  Adobe Lightroom Classic  |   Subject: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

In this exercise, we will learn about Adobe Lightroom Classic Section Overview.

This is the overview for this section, where we're going to take a look at how to view our images in the Lightroom library. The way you do that is to take a look at a few of these icons down here. 


These are the grid view, the Loupe view, the x&y view, the survey view, and the face view. We aren’t going to cover the x&y view and the face view for the section. We will cover the grid view, the Loupe view, and also the survey view. These are different kinds of views that will help you manage all the photos you have in your Lightroom catalog to get ahead and quickly move through all of the photos you have available in your catalog. Once again, this is the overview part for the section where we're going to talk about how to navigate and quickly view all of the images you have in your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom catalog to take care of yourself.