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Adobe Lightroom Classic Thumbnail Badges

About Lightroom Thumbnail Badges

Product:  Adobe Lightroom Classic  |   Subject: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

In this exercise, we will learn about Adobe Lightroom Classic Understanding Thumbnail Badges. 

In this section, I want to spend a few minutes just to give you an idea of the iconography that's available to you in the grid view. Now, you'll notice that this photo is highlighted. 


I have explained some of the grid view options in an earlier section. But I just wanted to explain some of this little iconography down here on the bottom right of the photo, and this up here on the top left of the photo. 

Now, you can access the grid view options by pushing Ctrl + J on the keyboard, and it will show you the grid view options. And you can see that Currently, I am looking at compact cells. 

The compact cells' icons include the thumbnail badges, the quick collection markers, and flags. The icons on the bottom right of the photo below are the thumbnail badges. The top-right icon is the quick collection information, and the number to the top left indicates that the photo is part of the stack. The outlines and all of the other things were explained in another section. 

Now there are four thumbnail badges: 

  1. The first one is the one that sort of looks like a little information tag. That's just to indicate the photo itself has keywords. 
  2. The second one is to duplicate double photos. And that's just to indicate that the photo is in a collection. 
  3. The third one with an outline crop mark indicates that the photo has been cropped, and
  4. The last of the thumbnail badges indicate that the photo has develop adjustments made to it. 

Let me just show you what this one does. This says that the photo is part of a stack, and the number indicates the photos in the stack. So if I open it up by clicking on it, it'll show me that it's one of two photos, the second of the two photos. 

I've just done some adjustments so that you can see how the stacking works. And you can also see how some of the other kinds of views you can use when working with the photos. Let me collapse the view and put it back as part of the stack. Once again, this section gave you a quick idea of the thumbnail badges and some of the other iconographies in the cell view or the grid view options. I hope this has been helpful, and if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.